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Provide 5 sessions of gardening, healthy eating and sustainable living for a family in need. 

Provide food access 



Provide a set of seedlings for a family in need during planting day event ( Spring and Fall). Culturally preferred seedlings included.

Build edible gardens



Help our home gardeners participants to become long term gardeners by providing their first wooden raised bed with organic soil and compost.

Fund a



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Help our micro-entrepreneurs  start up their business and production, by providing a backyard greenhouse and nursery management training.


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“I have Asian neighbors and they grow a lot of things in their front and back yard. Now I can
have conversations and collaborate with them.”
Mentor, 2018
“I attend the classes with my mom and daughter.
Now my kids and I plant seeds in a bed near our home.
My family runs with the dog each night to the garden, and we are spending more time outdoors. We exercise while caring for the plants. My kids enjoy learning about growing plants. We are happy.”
Home Gardening participant, 2018.
“Participating in the program has impacted the way I eat. I got my health back together. I eat better and am able to maintain my weight loss. I am consuming the right kind of food that is filling and I no longer want to snack on unhealthy food.”
Home gardening participant, 2018
"I am a widow, and I don’t have a lot of money. I am always trying to cut costs. The cost of food is going up. Vegetables are costly and I want to eat healthy, but Zucchini would be too expensive for me, but now I grow it. I lived off zucchini for a couple of months. I ate it several times a week".
Home gardening participant, 2017
“I earn extra money to pay bills and buy food. I am paid a small amount seasonally, but it helps my family.”
Super Jardinero, 2018

Help us to reach more families in Santa Clara County and provide food access and a healthy lifestyle to everyone.​

Donation by check:

Please write out checks to Valley Verde, 

and mail them to 376 West Virginia Street

San Jose, CA. 95125​


- Your Donations are tax deductible - 


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